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This program was developed in support of CCE/IFOEdit method of backing up DVDs. Please note the wording -- the tool is NOT intended to be used as a tool for stealing copyrighted material. It is meant as a way to LEGALLY create DVD-R backups of DVDs you have purchased.

The CCE/IFOEdit method is discussed (in a lot of detail, with also a lot of supporting comments) here:

As originally documented the CCE/IFOEdit method involved a pretty tedious steps in which the person creating the backup had to manually copy (using IFOEdit) numerous parameters related to cells. IFOUpdate was created to automate that process. In fact you will find that when using IFOUpdate, it often isn't necessary to use IFOEdit at all.

Thanks go to DERROW for his incredibly powerful IFO editing utility IFOEDIT and to MPUCODER for his fantastic reference site. Together they have managed to pull a lot of the secrets of the IFO out of the darkness and into the light.
Here is a summary of IFOUpdate's program flow
1. It backs up the original IFO to the backup directory.

If the option is checked (default) IFOUpdate copies the VTS_C_ADT table from the new file to the original.

3. If the option is checked (not default) it copies the VTS_TMAPTI and VTS_VOBU_ADMAP tables. Please note that care should be used in using this option, in some DVDs copying this table can cause inconsistencies. I added it to help fix a specific problem someone else was addressing, the tables only appear to have an effect when a DVD is played back using PC player software. I don't personally use it. There is also a "Dump" option in which the table pointer is simply changed to "0" so players won't misread the data.

It Loops through the VTS's PGCs. It uses the PGC count in the newly created IFO as its loop counter. That creates a situation in which only the first 1-n PGCs are copied (sometimes when you use SpruceUp you can update only the first PGC and ignore the rest). If "Maestro" Mode is selected the first PGC in the Newly Authored is ignored (not counted). This is meant to help users of Maestro get past the large "everything" PGC created by default as the first PGC. For each PGC it:
a. Warns, but doesn't stop, if the number of Chapters doesn't match -- the new IFO's chapter count becomes the reality. While it isn't required to make the original and newly authored chapter counts match -- it is highly recommended they do so the "Scene Selection" menus work properly.

b. Warns, but doesn't stop, if the PGC playback times don't match. The new IFO's playback time becomes the reality.

c. If the Color option is checked (default) it copies the PGC's color tables. This matters if you are have subtitles in your new VOB set.

d. Changes the number of programs in the original to match the number in the new IFO.

e. Changes the number of cells in the original to match the number in the new IFO. Note that this means you don't have to create a newly authored file that exactly matches the original cell mapping. You have to keep the number of cells less-than or equal-to the original though...

f. Copies the entire set of the program map, cell playback, and cell position tables from new to original.
g. Corrects the Cell Playback Information Table Start Byte pointer to match the new reality.
h. Corrects the Cell Position Information Table Start Byte pointer to match the new reality.
-- Note any hard errors cause the backed up IFO to be restored.

5. When done with all PGCs, it updates the .BUP from the new .IFO file.

6. If the "AutoCorrect VTS Sectors (When Updating)" option is checked, automatically goes through all the IFO files in the set pointed by the "Original" path and corrects sector offsets (much like the "Get VTS Sectors" button in IFOEdit).

If the "AutoSet Region-Free (When Updating)" option is checked, it automatically goes through all the IFO files in the set pointed by the "Original" path and makes changes to IFOs that have a preset command that looks for region encoding.

"Adjusted Cell Mode" doesn't run steps a, b, d, and e above. Instead it performs an analysis of the cell structure during it's preprocessing phases (when you open the Original IFO) and will create an adjusted chapter list from the "Save Chapter Files" dialog. It will then, using the same information, redistribute the cell information (such as duplicates) to the proper PGCs during the Update.

You can also manually perform "Correct VTS Sectors" or "Set Region Free by pushing the button on the main program's form.

Note: When Cell Only Mode is checked ignore everything above. The program very simply loops through all the PGCs in the new IFO and copies cell information from the Cell Playback Tables into the next sequential Cell in the original -- it ignores the PGC structures involved.
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